Man lists things millennials grew up with that Gen Z would be outraged by


‘Why women leave’: Wife who ‘does everything’ shares why she left her husband who did nothing

There are a few big reasons why 70% of divorces in the United States among heterosexual couples are filed by women. Women have more economic opportunities than in decades past and are better positioned to care for themselves and their children without a husband’s income.

Another big reason is that even though the world has become much more egalitarian than in the past, women still bear the brunt of most of the emotional labor in the home. Gilza Fort-Martinez, a Florida, US-based licensed couples’ therapist, told the BBC that men are socialized to have lower emotional intelligence than women, leaving their wives to do most of the emotional labor.

Secondly, studies show that women still do most of the domestic work in the home, so many are pulling double duty for their households.

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25 people over the age of 50 share helpful advice for young people

Learning from the wisdom and experience of our elders can save us from unnecessary mistakes and provide valuable guidance in navigating life’s challenges. Elders have accumulated a wealth of knowledge throughout their lives, and their perspectives can offer us unique insights and alternative viewpoints that we may not have considered. Elders have likely encountered a wide range of experiences, both positive and negative, throughout their lives. They have faced various situations, made decisions, and observed the outcomes. By listening to their advice, we can tap into their wealth of experience and gain valuable insights helping us make better choices.

Taking sage advice from elders allows us to benefit from their wisdom while accelerating our personal growth. By embracing their guidance, we can learn from their successes and failures and incorporate their lessons into our lives. It not only helps us avoid unnecessary pitfalls but also helps us develop a broader perspective and become wiser individuals ourselves.

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Melissa McCarthy describes Halle Bailey’s endearing habit on ‘The Little Mermaid’ set

Music can truly feel like magic sometimes, especially when someone has the voice of an angel—or perhaps a wistful, land-loving mermaid.

Reviews of Halle Bailey’s performance in Disney’s new live-action “The Little Mermaid” have been overwhelmingly positive, which isn’t too surprising considering her vocal talents. But according to co-start Melissa McCarthy, who plays the wicked sea witch Ursula in the film, Bailey’s siren-like appeal didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling.

In a press interview for the movie, McCarthy shared that Bailey had an endearing habit of quietly humming all the time, sometimes without even realizing that she was doing it. McCarthy’s description of the way she and even members of the sound crew reacted to Bailey’s constant lovely humming is a testament to the heartwarming, wholesome magic of music.

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Man lists things millennials grew up with that Gen Z would be outraged by

There will likely always be some kind of playful generation war going on between older and younger generations. This time it’s a millennial throwing what some may deem as truth bombs at Gen Z, seemingly unprompted. (Well, it could be that he’s upset that Gen Z is getting all the credit for being tech savvy since the majority of his complaints were technology related.)

Dwight Thomas uploaded a video to TikTok listing things that millennials grew up with that the generation below him would be outraged by. As someone who would be considered an elder millennial by some people, I’d have to agree. The man makes some valid points about things we experienced as teenagers that would likely make teens today aggressively send out petitions.

“These new-age kids will never understand the struggle. Imagine telling them that their free unlimited minutes only started after 9:00 and on the weekends,” Thomas says into the camera.

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Woman squeals with delight as a raccoon ‘orders’ a doughnut from a Dunkin’ drive-thru

As Samantha Jane Guptil pulled into her local Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru, she was delightfully shocked to see that she wasn’t the only one having a sweet craving that day.

In a short clip posted to her TikTok, Guptil narrates as a friendly raccoon waltzes up and cuts in front of her in the drive-thru line to order his very own doughnut.

Yes, you read that right.

“What in the world? My dude. He wants some Dunkin’ Donuts,” Guptil can be heard saying in the video (and honestly, can you blame him?) as Mr. Raccoon approaches the takeout window.

Without missing a beat, the drive-thru worker politely hands him a white frosted doughnut, allowing the critter to scurry off with a delicious treat. Guptil can be heard squealing with delight.

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