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Tara Reade on What Led Her To Russia, and Biden Influence Peddling Revelations, with Gregg Jarrett

Megyn Kelly is joined by Tara Reade, author and activist, for an exclusive interview to talk about how she ended up in Russia, why she believes she was in danger of being arrested, who told her about the potential warrants, whether there’s a Biden DOJ grand jury investigation into her, why she now wants Russian citizenship, media and political operatives claiming she’s a “Russian asset,” her efforts along with Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene to make her senate records public, the pushback they received and her next potential move, concerns for her personal safety, the Biden administration’s response to her announcement about Russia, and more.

Then Gregg Jarrett, author of “The Trial of the Century” and Fox News legal analyst, joins to discuss what we know now about then VP Biden’s influence peddling, what the oversight committee has found so far about the financial gains of the Biden family, how the corporate media is still covering for Biden, the FBI continuing to evade a subpoena, media coverage of a supposed Trump “tape” related to the classified documents case, The Daily Wire’s Twitter speech controversy, the legend of Clarence Darrow and the relevance of the Scopes Monkey Trial today, and more. Jarrett:

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