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6/1/23: Debt Deal Passes W/ No Conservative Support, Biden Votes Doubt Him For 2024, DeSantis Rips Trump As Failure On Covid, Ukraine Attacks On Russia, Car Dealers Hate EV Plan, Anti Woke Mind Virus, Author of ‘Pandora’s Gamble’

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Debt deal passing with no conservative support, Biden Voters doubting him for 2024, Mike Pence set to run for President, DeSantis rips Trump as a “Loser” that failed on Covid, Leaked DeSantis audio shows disastrous polling, the West refusing to condemn Ukraine attacks on Russia, Saagar looks into Car Dealers saying “Screw you” to Biden’s EV plan, Krystal looks into conservatives losing their mind over Rainbow Capitalism, and professor/author Alison Young joins us to talk about her new book Pandora’s Gamble which investigates lab leaks throughout history. Finally, we give one last goodbye to the old set and reflect on the journey that Krystal and Saagar have taken with all of you.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:01)Debt Deal Passes (19:21)Biden VOTERS DOUBT Him For 2024 (29:19)MIKE PENCE Set To Run For President (37:10)DeSantis RIPS Trump As Loser, Failed On COVID (45:00)LEAKED DeSantis Audio Shows Disastorous Polling (53:09)West REFUSES To Condemn Ukraine Attacks On Russia (1:05:53)Car Dealers Say SCREW YOU To Biden EV Plan (1:13:19)Conservatives LOSE THEIR MINDS Over Rainbow Capitalism (1:22:17)REVEALED: Anthrax Lab Leak COVERED UP (1:33:19)Goodbye Old Set – Next Chapter of BP

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