North Korea says rocket launch failed, but vows to try again soon

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North Korea says rocket launch failed, but vows to try again soon
The rocket carrying the country’s first military spy satellite failed due to engine problems, state-run media said, after the launch prompted Japan to briefly issue …
Bill to extend operating period of nuclear plants passes Japan’s Upper House
The passage of the bill, which extends the operating period to over 60 years, paves the way for an overhaul of the country’s nuclear policy.
U.S. military accuses China of ‘aggressive’ encounter over South China Sea
The U.S. said a Chinese fighter jet had flown directly in front of a U.S. reconnaissance plane — the latest in a series of close …
China’s young people can’t find jobs. Xi Jinping says to ‘eat bitterness.’
A record 11.6 million college graduates in China are entering the workforce this year, and 1 in 5 young people are unemployed.
Know before you drive: Construction to impact traffic around Haneda Airport
The operator of the expressway has warned of traffic jams during the two-week period, which started May 27, similar to those typically seen at year-end.
Filipinos press for right to divorce in slow social shift
Divorce is currently illegal in the Catholic-majority country, while court annulments take years and are increasingly exploited by online scammers.

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Summer Basho offered excitement and a streamlined experience for sumo fans
The sport has emerged from three years of pandemic-era restrictions into a rapidly changing landscape that requires better delivery of content and a more attractive …
Just how safe is Fukushima’s ‘contaminated’ water?
To build the clean energy sector the world needs, nuclear power advocates must sway public opinion their way. Just crashing through won’t cut it.
Kiribayama is promoted to ozeki and changes ring name to Kirishima
“I’ll train harder than ever to live up to the rank of ozeki,” Kirishima said during his promotion ceremony at the Michinoku stable in Tokyo.
Rugby World Cup ‘timely’ as sport deals with off-field problems
Issues in the sport over recent months have included clubs in England continuing to experience financial woes and Welsh players threatening to strike over contract …
Quiet man Nikola Jokic ready for crowning glory in NBA Finals
While the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant embrace the 28-year-old Serb as a member of the league’s elite, some critics aren’t convinced by …
Shoki Murakami pitches Tigers past Lions as interleague opens
Murakami allowed a run on four hits and no walks while striking out nine at Belluna Dome.

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