Japan issues destruction order after North Korea announces ‘satellite’ launch window

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Japan issues destruction order after North Korea announces ‘satellite’ launch window
Pyongyang plans to launch a military satellite between Wednesday and June 11, in what would be its first space rocket launch in more than seven …
As Minsk prepares to host Russian nukes, what is Putin’s aim?
Not only would hosting Russian nukes make Belarus a potential target for the West, but some also fear that the country itself could become Russia’s …
Doctors in Japan turn to crowdfunding to continue stroke treatment trial
The trial for the drug to treat acute stroke sufferers has hit a snag due to surging import costs, with the price of a vial …
Suspect in central Japan slayings asked mother to shoot him
All four of the victims in the incident died immediately after being attacked and all died from blood loss.
As snap election rumors grow in Japan, here’s how one could play out
Political pundits have been contemplating multiple scenarios, ranging from a summertime ballot to an election during parliament’s session in the fall.
Barely noting war in public, Putin acts like time is on his side
Vladimir Putin looks like a commander in absentia, treating Russia’s war in Ukraine as unfortunate but distant. His options have narrowed, but he is still …

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No glory for bullies: South Korea’s school violence epidemic
A phenomenon is sweeping the country, with people who were bullied publicly naming and shaming the perpetrators of school violence decades after the alleged crimes.
Singapore’s high costs won’t dethrone the money center — yet
Southern Malaysia is becoming popular as Singaporean housing prices surge. The commute to Johor brings its own challenges.
In a Japanese garden, you’re never under the weather
As the rainy season approaches, the excess water is set to bring life to green spaces across the nation.
Red-hot Tigers riding wave of momentum into interleague season
Regular-season contests between Central and Pacific League clubs in NPB happen during a fixed period on the calendar, allowing the format to avoid becoming too …
Deep in the weeds: Why Nora-Kura’s wines grow as wild as can be
The untrained eye may find Ken and Kazuko Sasaki’s vineyard unkempt, but appearances can be deceiving at this Hakodate winery.
The curious case of Fuminori Nakamura’s genre misalignment
Little do English-language readers know, the author of “The Rope Artist” and other critically acclaimed books writes on much more than crime.
‘It’s time’: Ukraine’s top commander says counteroffensive is imminent
A blunt statement, accompanied by a slickly produced video of Ukrainian troops preparing for battle, appeared designed to rally the nation and to spread anxiety …

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