Library book checked out in 1927 finally gets returned after nearly 100 years: ‘Was falling apart’


Mom who packs her child a meal when going out to restaurants has parents fired up

A mom who admitted she packs her 2-year-old a meal when they go out to dinner has started an interesting debate on TikTok about restaurant etiquette and how it applies to young children.

The video posted by Ohio mom, Karlie Smith (unbreakablemomma on TikTok), has received nearly 600,000 views and has over 1,850 comments.

“Call me cheap, call me whatever, but if we’re going out to a restaurant, I’m packing my kid a meal,” Smith, 21, said in her post. “I do this for many reasons. On Friday nights, my family and I get together, and tonight, we’re getting food out. My son is not getting food out.”

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Library book checked out in 1927 finally gets returned after nearly 100 years: ‘Was falling apart’

We may occasionally forget to return a book or two to the library. It happens because we lose our sense of time, but losing it for nearly a century seems a bit much. According to PEOPLE, this appears to be what happened to the person who borrowed “A History of the United States” from a California library nearly a century ago. A man dropped off the book, which had been overdue for 96 years, earlier this month, according to the St. Helena Public Library.

If anything smells better than old books, it’s returned old books. During an interview with CBS affiliate KPIX-TV, the director Chris Kreiden said, “I’m afraid to touch it.” A note inside the book, which was published in 1892, states, “This book may be kept for two weeks.” The book is no longer tightly bound. The book’s pages are tattered and the cover is frayed. “All of us are just, you know, wondering where the book could have been for so long, you know, from being checked out in 1927,” Kreiden said.

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A woman accidentally flushed her ring down the toilet. How she got it back 13 years later.

Losing a ring is not an uncommon occurrence. People lose rings all the time, but there’s a particular fear that comes with losing the precious item down the drain, mostly because you’re likely to never see it again. Especially if it gets flushed down a toilet, which is why one woman had written off the anniversary ring she lost down the commode more than a decade ago.

Mary Strand received a beautiful, unique diamond ring for her 33rd wedding anniversary from her husband, Dave, according to NBC affiliate KARE 11. The ring slipped off of her finger 13 years ago when she was in her bathroom, and by the time she realized what had happened, it was too late.

“It was swirling around. I truly dove for it, and it went down the drain,” she told KARE 11.

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Beyoncé fan shows off dance moves so impressive that people want him on the ‘Renaissance’ tour

Since May 10, 2023, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour has been in full swing. And with a performer known for her show-stopping dance routines, you can bet that many loyal fans have picked up a move or two and plan to bust them out during a concert.

But one fan with some seriously next-level dance skills seems to be on par with Queen Bey herself. People are so enamored with his choreography that they are calling for him to become an actual tour performer.

viral video shows the mysterious dancer unofficially warming up the crowd at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, before Beyoncé was set to arrive, bringing audiences to life with his enthusiastic strutting, spinning and sashaying across the stage.

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