Man arrested after killings of police officers and others in Nagano Prefecture

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Man arrested after killings of police officers and others in Nagano Prefecture
Masanori Aoki, the eldest son of a local politician, has been arrested over the murder of one of two police officers.
BOJ’s Ueda says wages aren’t the goal as he keeps speculators in dark
The remarks leave room for the bank to be nimble about how and when it will be convinced about the prospect of price gains, a …
South Korean experts to continue analysis of Fukushima water discharge
Separately, the International Atomic Energy Agency is reviewing the process of the water release, which is planned to begin in the summer and continue for …
Inflation in Tokyo slows in May, but key gauge hits four-decade high
The data showed firms continued to pass on rising costs to households in a sign inflationary pressure could last longer than the BOJ projects.
Winning without fighting? Why China is exploring ‘cognitive warfare.’
The term refers to operations based on tech such as AI aimed at influencing the minds of adversaries, thereby creating a strategically favorable environment.
As competition heats up, Tokyo’s international schools spruce up facilities
With families looking for an international learning experience having more options, renovating facilities is top of the to-do list for several institutions.

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“Drag Race” stars and Tokyo-based queens set the stage for a spectacle that aims to put Japan’s drag scene on the global map.
What Exxon won’t tell you about climate costs
Society might be willing to make sacrifices if it meant avoiding even worse damage from global warming.
A resume must-have for Japanese managers: Mets experience
This season, five of the 12 managers in Nippon Professional Baseball spent at least part of their playing careers with the Mets.
Disaster deaths decline but damage rises on hotter planet
While deaths caused by disasters have decreased thanks to early warning systems, economic losses from extreme weather events turbo-charged by global warming have skyrocketed.

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