13-year-old uses a slingshot to rescue his little sister from being abducted


13-year-old uses a slingshot to rescue his little sister from being abducted

A parent never wants to imagine what would happen if their child were confronted with someone meaning them harm. We do everything in our power to mitigate the risks of things like that happening, but scary situations still occur that can leave a family irreparably broken.

Michigan family had an extremely close call when their 8-year-old daughter was nearly abducted while playing in their backyard. The little girl was outside picking mushrooms when a 17-year-old boy picked her up with his hand over her mouth. Owen Burns, 13, was inside playing video games when he heard his sister scream. A lot of kids in his situation may not have known what to do, but Owen quickly jumped into action.

The teen saw what was happening out the window and picked up his slingshot and a marble before taking aim at the boy who had his sister.

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Woman’s pet cockatoo has no chill while ruthlessly roasting her new song: ‘So annoying. God.’

We adore our pets and want to care for them in all possible ways. We live with them and share almost everything with them. But what will happen when your pet does not appreciate your music? In a video uploaded to Reddit by u/mindyour, a musician’s bird did not like the music she created. The post is captioned, “Her cockatoo has had enough of her singing for the day.” At the beginning of the video, we see a woman playing a melodious tune on her piano. In just a few seconds, we hear a bird making a scratching noise. Even the text overlay on the video reads, “When your bird hates your new song.”

Then we hear in the bird’s voice, “Why you play it? I don’t like it. It is annoying. So annoying. God.” The musician continues singing for a bit and the subtitle states: “I would not fly to you. You broke my leg.” Soon, we see the singer laughing at her bird’s reaction. “Well, I guess you do not want to be quiet. I don’t like the song, be quiet,” the sassy bird adds. All this time, we see the singer laughing while playing her music.

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Cosmetic company Gleamin transforms superfoods into organic, ethically-sourced beauty products

Superfoods have been stealing the spotlight in the health and wellness scene for quite some time now. But did you know their magic isn’t just confined to your smoothie bowls or salads? They’re making a grand entrance into the beauty industry, with their nutrient-dense powers promising radiant, glowing skin from the outside in.

Enter Gleamin, a pioneering beauty company that’s truly ahead of the curve. Gleamin has harnessed the superpowers of these nutritional powerhouses, creating a line of beauty products that make your skin look good and do good. Their vegan, cruelty-free products are packed full of these potent superfoods, promising to enhance natural beauty and empower life.

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Radio DJ asks a prize winner what he’ll do with $130,000. His response has her in tears.

Death is a very lucrative business. The average funeral cost is around $9,000 in the United States. That would be a significant amount for anyone to pay, especially when the death is unexpected. The prices are so high that some states even provide financial assistance for people to have memorials for loved ones.

Even if people can muster up the cash for a burial, they may not be able to afford a headstone that they believe is adequate for a loved one. That’s why a story from the UK is so touching.

Every day, during its Cash Register promotion, Hits Radio UK in England gives away a ‘life-changing” amount of money to a lucky caller. DJ Hattie Pearson was behind the mic on May 17 when a retired man named John Elkington called in and won a Cash Register prize of £105,000 ($130,000).

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