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18-year-old took her college savings and bought the restaurant where she was a dishwasher


18-year-old took her college savings and bought the restaurant where she was a dishwasher

Eighteen year old Samantha Frye has traded college life for entrepreneurship, and she has no regrets.

Frye began working at Rosalie’s Restaurant in Strasburg, Ohio at 16 as a dishwasher, working up the ranks as a kitchen prep, server, then line cook. All while working a second job, sometimes third job.

After graduating high school, Frye started college at Ohio State with plans of studying business or environmental engineering. But when she came back to work a shift at Rosalie’s for winter break, an opportunity arose—the owners had planned to sell the restaurant.

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Mom shares ‘summer clock’ hack to keep kids on a schedule and fellow parents are impressed

While summer break is a time for students to wind down and recharge, staying accustomed to a schedule keeps younger children’s brains sharp. One TikTok mom is going viral after sharing her summer clock hack to help her kids maintain the structure of busy school days during vacations.

McKinnley Matson posted the video to her account @mdoesdiy, where it received thousands of views, with other parents approving of this creative hack. “With just a few weeks left until school is out for the summer, I am re-sharing my viral clock hack to help keep you sane this summer,” Matson says in the clip.

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Embrace your inner coziness: Mozy 22 is the ultimate wrap for comfort, warmth, and convenience on the go

Imagine you’re working from home, attending a Zoom call, when you suddenly feel a chill in the air. Or maybe you’re out exploring nature, taking in the beauty of the great outdoors, but the temperature starts to dip, and your jacket just isn’t enough.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple solution to keep you warm and comfortable that was also lightweight and mobile? That’s where the Mozy 22 comes in. It provides warmth, comfort, convenience, and mobility, making it the perfect companion for video calls, outdoor adventures, and everything in between.

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Turns out, there’s a very important reason surgeons wear blue. A doctor explains why.

Few work uniforms are as easily identifiable as the all-blue scrubs, gloves, cap and mask of a surgeon. But why do surgeons across the globe sport this particular color? Turns out this is more than a fashion choice. It actually helps ensure a safe and successful operation.

As NHS surgeon Doctor Karan explains in a short video, surgeons spend a lot of time looking at the various shades of reds and pinks going on in the human body. After a while, all those hues start blending together, making it more difficult to see subtle distinctions. You can see how that might be an issue during an operation.

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Ultra-catchy song about fish has taken over TikTok and become a hit mental health anthem

More than 13 million people have watched Corinne Savage (aka @corook) and their partner Olivia Barton perform their punchy, wholesome, serotonin-filled acoustic tune titled “If I were a fish.”

The lyrics, so simple and so sweet, go a little something like this:

“If I were a fish, and you caught me, you’d say ‘Look at that fish,’ shimmering in the sun, such a rare one, can’t believe that you caught one…”

Then comes the chorus that’s completely bursting with radical acceptance and joy, despite everybody on the internet being “so mean.”

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