Ukraine Shoots Down Russia’s “Unstoppable” Kinzhal Missiles

by Peter Zeihan on May 16, 2023

Russia launched a volley of missiles into Ukraine overnight, of which six were Kinzhals, aka Russia’s top-shelf hypersonic ballistic missiles. Reports coming out of Kyiv state that Ukraine was able to shoot down all the Kinzhals in the strike.

This is one of the most advanced weapons in Russia’s arsenal, and Ukrainian defenses were able to put them down with relative ease…talk about a shot to Putin’s ego.

For anyone with looming concerns about a war with Russia, their coffee probably tasted a little bit better this morning.

Ukraine Shoots Down Russia's "Unstoppable" Kinzhal Missles || Peter Zeihan

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  1. Just FYI: Ukraine’s claim is being contested by Russia, that states that it didn’t even launch in the first place as many of these missiles as Ukraine pretends to have shot down.

    Decide for yourself who you trust more.

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