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5/16/23: Workers FLEE Big Cities, AI Killing Office Jobs, SCOTUS Legalizes Corruption, Trump BLASTS DeSantis, DeSantis Hits Back, DEI Failures, Russia-gate Exposed, Boomer Wealth Transfer & AI Destroying Journalism

Krystal and Saagar discuss workers fleeing big cities like NY/DC, AI killing office jobs, SCOTUS legalizing corruption in Cuomo aide case, Trump and DeSantis fighting over 2020/abortion, NYT admitting DEI programs are failing, Obama/Hillary caught in Russia-gate scheme in Durham report, Jake Tapper admitting the FBI’s failures, Boomer wealth transfer and AI potentially wreaking havoc on the future of journalism.

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TIMESTAMPS: (0:00)Intro (3:18)Workers FLEE NYC, DC, SF (23:55)AI ALREADY Killing New Office Jobs (34:53)SCOTUS LEGALIZES CORRUPTION For Public Officials (41:20)Trump BLASTS DeSantis On ‘HARSH’ Abortion Law (49:55)DeSantis HITS BACK At Trump On Stop The Steal (56:38)NYT Admits Corporate Diversity Programs FAILING (1:05:20)OBAMA, HILLARY CAUGHT In Russiagate Scheme By Durham Report (1:16:14)Jake Tapper ADMITS FBI Failures, CNN Liberals FREAK (1:21:13)Boomer Wealth Transfer To EXPLODE Income Inequality (1:30:27)Google’s AI Plot to DESTROY Journalism (1:40:33)End Of Show

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