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Russian ‘Ghost Ships’ Identified Near the Nord Stream Blasts

The 47 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now

Matt Kamen and WIRED Staff

From “Queer Eye” to “The Dragon Prince” these are our picks for the best streaming titles to binge this week.


AI Wrote 95 Percent of This Murder Mystery

Aidan Marchine

Stephen Marche composed ‘Death of an Author’ using three AI tools, under the shared pen name Aidan Marchine. Here’s a look at the result.


Your Dog Is a Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

Sabrina Weiss

Every year, thousands of pets develop tumors very similar to those found in people. Find drugs that work for canines, and human treatments should follow.


The Surprising Synergy Between Acupuncture and AI

Saffron Huang

Now that I work in machine learning, I’m often struck by the parallels between this cutting-edge technology and traditional Chinese medicine.


What Really Made Geoffrey Hinton Into an AI Doomer

Will Knight

The AI pioneer is alarmed by how clever the technology he helped create has become. And it all started with a joke.


Russian ‘Ghost Ships’ Identified Near the Nord Stream Blasts

Matt Burgess

Plus: Apple and Google plan to stop AirTag stalking, Meta violated the FTC’s privacy order, and how to tell if your car is tracking you.



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