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Supreme Court uses a transgender woman’s pronouns in a landmark decision


Supreme Court uses a transgender woman’s pronouns in a landmark decision

Amidst the backdrop of a passionate cultural debate over transgender rights, the Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling that uses a transgender woman’s pronouns and chosen name. A ruling written by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson refers to Estrella Santos-Zacaria, a transgender woman who was given the name Leon Santos-Zacaria and assigned male at birth, as “she.”

The court sided with Santos-Zacaria, 34, in a case centered around a migrant’s rights to appeal a denial of protection from removal from the U.S. The court’s unanimous ruling now gives Santos-Zacaria another chance to contest the immigration officials’ rejection of her plea to stay in the U.S.

Throughout the 19-page opinion, Jackson used the term “her” to refer to the petitioner seven times and referred to her as “she” in the opening sentence.

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Woman surprises her Greek boyfriend by speaking in his native language and his reaction is priceless

We all make efforts to make our loved ones feel special. From buying flowers to making lunches, we do it all. In a video uploaded on TikTok, a woman surprises her Greek boyfriend by talking to him in his native language. The video was uploaded by Kate (@kateplus8ft). In the first few seconds of the video, the woman says, “My boyfriend knows that I have been trying to learn Greek, but he does not know how hard I have been going.” Then she goes on to say, “Hey baby” in Greek. At this moment, we see that her boyfriend is surprised, but he replies back in Greek.

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Know someone doing major good in the world? Share their story and win $1,000 for charity with Upworthy & P&G’s #ActsOfGood Awards

In a flurry of heavy headlines that constantly inundate our feeds, acts of good connect us back to our faith in humanity. Witnessing just one person go out of their way to make the world a better place is a powerful healing salve against apathy. It reminds us all of what we are collectively capable of creating. This is the philosophy that Upworthy wholeheartedly believes in, hence why we’re always sharing uplifting stories of people giving kindness, generosity and support to their fellow humans.

That’s also why we’re partnering with P&G, the maker of some of our favorite household products like Tide, Always and Pampers, to bring you the 2023 Acts of Good Awards, and celebrate the individuals who are giving back and strengthening their communities.

Think of it like the Oscars of kindness. Half as formal but twice as feel-good.

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Jennifer Garner shares the deeply thoughtful reason she would like to go to divinity school

Actress Jennifer Garner surprised Allure writer Danielle Pergament in a recent profile on the “Party Down” star. In an in-depth interview entitled “Jennifer Garner: I’m Not Good at Being Fake,” she admits that she would like to go to divinity school.

“I would have really liked being a minister,” she told Allure. “My mom thinks I still will be.” That would be a big career change for the A-list actress whose life has been the subject of public scrutiny for the better part of the last 25 years.

But Garner has developed a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s “nice” celebrities, so becoming a minister might actually be a natural progression. Garner told the Allure writer that she often attends church with her three children, Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 11, the eldest of whom teaches Sunday school.

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Woman creates gorgeous dresses based on her grandmother’s fashion sketches from 1940

A 27-year-old woman named Julia has the internet completely enthralled with her gorgeous, elegant handmade dresses—based entirely off of designs her grandmother Georgie made in the 1940s.

The dresses themselves are a marvel to behold, but it’s watching grandma’s reaction to seeing her creations come to life that really tugs at the heartstrings.

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