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5/12/23: Elizabeth Holmes Returns In NYTimes, Biden Tik Tok Kids Panic, Netflix’s Cleopatra Drama, Dianne Feinstein Returns, Spencer Snyder on American Financial Literacy

This week we discuss the Elizabeth Holmes profile in the New York Times that showcases her new persona “Liz”, the Biden Tik Tok kids panic on the Tim Dillon show when they admit they’ll lose followers if they criticize the Democrats, Netflix’s upcoming show “Cleopatra” is sparking drama among Egyptians for casting a black woman as Cleopatra, Dianne Feinstein returns to her job in a wheelchair, and Spencer Snyder takes a deep dive into American’s lack of financial literacy.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Liz Holmes NYTimes Profile (4:45)Biden Tik Tok Kids Panic (10:08)Netflix’s Cleopatra Sparks (19:18)Dianne Feinstein Returns (25:33)Spencer Snyder on American’s Financial Literacy

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