Globalists Making Tremendous Progress on Great Reset

“Mandatory E-Verify is yet another tool for the federal government to control you, being sold to you as a security measure. E-Verify is laying the foundation for national biometric databases, CBDCs, and a social credit system, giving the state almost absolute power over your life.” Justin Amash
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Clay Clark: Globalists Making Tremendous Progress on Great Reset

Clay Clark discusses the globalist Great Reset advance, the multipolar alliance, the coming economic crash, and the introduction of the cashless CBDC system.

ANALYSIS: Russia: Victory Day Parade in the Shadow of Ukrainian Drone Attacks

The Kremlin’s policy of turning a blind eye to Ukrainian attacks perfectly illustrates all the weakness that Moscow has been demonstrating over the past 14 months.

ANALYSIS: The Curious Case of Russo-Turkish Rapprochement

As unipolarity becomes a distant memory, one can expect Russo-Turkish cooperation to intensify, especially when it comes to matters concerning the containment of US influence in the Eurasian space.

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