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5/11/23: Trump Says “THUG” COP Shot Jan 6th Protestor, Trump CNN TownHall on Debt Default, Ukraine, Abortion and more, Saagar and Ryan Debate Border Crisis, Tucker’s Twitter Show Plans Revealed, Is New Breast Cancer Guidance Scam?, JD Vance Interview

Saagar and Ryan discuss the CNN Townhall where Trump made statements on Jan 6th, Stop the Steal, the E Jean Caroll allegations, Debt Default, and his position on the Ukraine-Russia war. Also, we have a debate on the Border Crisis as Title 42 ends, Tucker’s Twitter show plans revealed, Saagar looks into the new breast cancer guidance that might be a scam, and Senator JD Vance joins us in studio to talk about his new Rail Safety Bill.

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Timestamps (0:00)-Intro (3:03)-Trump: ‘THUG’ COP Shot Jan 6 Protestor (15:17)-Crowd ERUPTS As Trump Mocks Rape Accusation (23:50)-AOC FREAKS At CNN For Trump Townhall (33:06)-Republican Focus Group OWNS CNN After Townhall (38:30)-Trump Endorses DEBT DEFAULT (46:58)-Trump’s RAMBLING Nonsense Abortion Answer (56:29)-Trump REFUSES To Side With Ukraine: ‘I Want People To Stop Dying’ (1:04:52)-Saagar And Ryan DEBATE Border Crisis As Title 42 Ends (1:20:07)-Tucker’s Twitter Show Plans REVEALED (1:34:18)-Saagar On Is New Breast Cancer Guidance A SCAM? (1:43:59)-JD Vance CALLS OUT Ted Cruz On East Palestine (1:57:33)-EOS

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