A New Cloned Horse Offers Hope for Endangered Species

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Gary Marcus Used to Call AI Stupid—Now He Calls It Dangerous

Steven Levy

The former professor’s calls for more control over AI have made him a media darling of the ChatGPT era. Some top researchers aren’t impressed.


A Critical New Drug Is Coming—Unless Agriculture Gets There First

Maryn McKenna

Two long-awaited fungus killers are about to roll out. But if one is widely deployed first, it might breed resistance and make the other useless.


The Creator of ‘Silo’ Says Same-Day AI Movies Are Coming Soon

Marah Eakin

Author and tech thinker Hugh Howey spoke with WIRED about his new Apple TV+ show, artificial intelligence, and why everyone’s got dystopia fever.


The Best Coffee Subscriptions We’ve Savored


Jaina Grey and Scott Gilbertson

These services deliver freshly roasted, delicious coffee picks right to your door—each with its own twist.


A New Cloned Horse Offers Hope for Endangered Species

Emily Mullin

The technique may finally be emerging as a way to preserve species at risk of extinction.


‘Death of an Author’ Prophesies the Future of AI Novels

Tom Comitta

Stephen Marche composed this novella with extensive input from large language models. It’s required reading for anyone who’s thinking about doing the same.




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