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The Lighthouse: Fed Money Matters | Peak Woke | Due Process at Risk

Memo to the Fed: Money Matters

Steve H. Hanke (National Review)

As inflation surges and the economy slows, the Fed’s blindness to the importance of the money supply has caused unintended consequences, leading to a mini-banking crisis and a push for increased regulations that will paradoxically slow economic growth. There is a better way. READ MORE »
Watch Now: Two Economists Debate Inflation’s True Causes,
Forecast 2023’s Inflation – Hanke & Cochrane

The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America

Victor Davis Hanson (American Greatness)

The violent downward spiral of the French Revolution is a cautionary tale for America. What do the Reign of Terror and our peak woke culture have in common? A penchant for escalating dogmatism, and hostility to individual liberty. In the French case, counterrevolution ensued… READ MORE »
Watch Now: Victor Davis Hanson Interview:
How Covid Enabled Draconian Restrictions on Civil Liberties

Due Process or Transgender Protection on Campus?

Wendy McElroy (

The Biden administration adds gender identity to Title IX’s college anti-discrimination regulations. The result? Compromised due process, in the name of protecting the vulnerable. But anyone who needs protection against common decency is pursuing, not justice, but privilege and power. READ MORE »

In All Fairness

Equality, Liberty, and the Quest for Human Dignity

Edited by Robert M. Whaples et al.

Latin America’s Food Delivery Wars

Scott Beyer (Catalyst)

In Latin America’s burgeoning digital economy, market competition drives delivery prices down, while government protectionism does the opposite for rideshare. READ MORE »

Making Poor Nations Rich

Entrepreneurship and the
Process of Economic Development

Edited by Benjamin Powell

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