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5/9/23: FACT FROM FICTION: Was TX Shooter White Supremacist?, Buttigieg Fails On Airline Meltdowns, Gain of Function Research Gets More Funding, Kamala In Charge Of AI Regulation, CA Reparations, LGBTQ Book Bans, Gun Control, Ken Klippenstein on Disinformation Agency

Saagar and Emily discuss the facts surrounding the TX mass shooter, Emily and Saagar debate if Hispanics can be white nationalists, Buttigieg and Biden fail no weak airline regulations, Trump endorses Eat Palestine Rail Safety bill, Fauci and Biden double down on funding for “gain of function” research, Kamala being put in charge of AI regulation, Khan Academy using AI to change tutoring, California approving Reparations, Emily looks into certain “LGBTQ” books that are being banned, Saagar looks into the stats on Gun Control and Mass Shootings, and we’re joined in studio by Ken Klippenstein to discuss his new piece in The Intercept on the Pentagon’s Disinformation Agency. (Ken’s article:…)

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Timestamps: 0:00-Intro 3:30-FACT FROM FICTION: Was TX Shooter White Supremacist? 17:40-DEBATE: Can Hispanics Be White Nationalists? 25:17-Buttigieg, Biden FAILS AGAIN On Airline Meltdowns 34:55-TRUMP Endorses East Palestine Rail Safety Bill 42:17-Fauci, Biden DOUBLE DOWN On Gain Of Function Research 1:50:28-KAMALA In Charge Of AI Regulation 58:38-Khan Academy Uses AI To CHANGE Tutoring 1:06:33-CA Approves 1 MILLION In Reparations 1:19:24-TRUTH Behind “LGBTQ” Book Bans 1:27:29-Gun Control WON’T STOP Mass Shootings 1:36:19-EXPOSED: New Orwellian ‘DISINFORMASTION’ Pentagon Agency 1:45:47-EOS

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