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Amazon cracks down on hiring

May 6, 2023



After years of excess, tech companies are now in the business of cost control through any means necessary.


Take Amazon, for example. Tech reporter Kylie Robison wrote this week that Amazon’s cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, is placing new restrictions on hiring managers who must now use a headcount management system in hopes of creating “a more disciplined hiring system.”


“The changes come as AWS and parent company Amazon move aggressively to cut costs. After sweeping layoffs at the online retailer that affected 18,000 corporate positions over the last several months, Amazon announced another 9,000 job cuts in March, which impacted its prized cloud division,” she writes.


In the first quarter of this year, more than 180,000 tech workers lost their jobs, with January seeing the highest monthly number of employees laid-off in the last three years.


Not all tech companies are resorting to massive workforce trimming, though. Apple CEO Tim Cook said Thursday that the company isn’t planning on making any large job cuts but is slowing hiring in an effort to control costs.

Read Kylie’s full story below.

Amazon’s cloud business is clamping down on managers’ freedom to hire in latest cost control—leaked memo


MAY 2, 2023

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