25 people who understood the assignment when a sidewalk sign told them to ‘commence silly walking’


Pedro Pascal explains the personal reason behind his signature red carpet pose

Pedro Pascal, like all of us, has a coping mechanism in stressful situations. He recently shared his secret of managing anxiety on camera with his “Last of Us” co-star Bella Ramsey.

The actor was on the red carpet during the “For Your Consideration” event in Los Angeles on Friday when Ramsey pointed out a particular pose that Pascal was often making in front of the cameras. In the short clip shared by Deadline on Twitter, Pascal is seen standing with his left hand on his torso, with Ramsey drawing attention to his pose by patting his hand before adopting a similar stance herself.

Following this, Pascal elaborated on the reason behind his hand placement. “You know why?” he began, before taking a deep breath.

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This is the quietest place on earth and no one has lasted more than 45 minutes inside it

If you have ever imagined what space sounds like or a place so quiet that you can hear your organs or blood flowing through your body, you are lucky because a place like that exists. The anechoic (meaning echo-free) chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota is so deafeningly quiet that nobody can stand it for more than 45 minutes. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, the room is so silent that the background noise measured is negative decibels, -9.4 dBA. The chamber walls are made from 3ft of sound-proofing fiberglass wedges and insulated steel and concrete, and the floors are covered in a semi-permeable, trampoline-like mesh to absorb any possible sound.

Steven Orfield, the lab’s founder, told Hearing Aid Know: “We challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark – one person stayed in there for 45 minutes.”

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Someone dumped hundreds of pounds of pasta in the woods and the puns came rolling in: ‘Prepastarous’

What if you go for a hike and find hundreds of pounds of pasta in the woods? That’s what happened along a creek in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, last week. The sudden and unexplained appearance of the mushy spaghetti, macaroni and ziti left authorities and neighbors baffled as they could not figure out how the noodles ended up in the woods, reports The Washington Post.

The pictures of the pasta along the creek were posted on Facebook groups by Nina Jochnowitz, a community advocate who unsuccessfully ran for city council in the suburban town many years ago. It was posted on April 28 on the local groups. She was alerted by a resident about the heaps of spaghetti that appeared and she went to check the scene herself.

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Dallas Cowboys scout calls his son to inform him he’s being drafted by the team in emotional video

Chris Vaughn, the Cowboy Dallas’s assistant director of college scouting, had a proud dad moment when his son, Deuce Vaughn, was drafted last month. In a video shared on Reddit by u/handlewithcareme, Chris can be seen sitting in the draft room when they announce that Deuce is drafted.

He is moved to tears while everyone else in the room applauds for him and his son. They then get up and congratulate him. After this, Chris makes a call to his son. He says, “Hey buddy!” His son, Deuce, asks, “How’s it going?” He tells him, “It’s going good, this is Dad. My phone wasn’t working, but look here, man… You want to come to work with me next week?” Deuce responds, “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” Everyone in the room begins to laugh and cheer for the father-son duo.

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