Japan to drop COVID border measures from Saturday

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Japan to drop COVID border measures from Saturday
All incoming passengers are currently required to present proof of at least three COVID-19 vaccinations or have tested negative for the virus before departure.
Hotel prices in Japan spike amid surge in demand
In the first quarter of 2023, hotel prices increased by around 15% compared with the pre-pandemic 2019 fiscal year, according to a survey.
LDP will try to pass LGBTQ law ahead of G7 summit
Japan is alone among the G7 wealthy democracies in not having laws to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people or give legal recognition to same-sex unions.
Kishida’s policies on children key to dealing with aging society
The government’s estimates showed Japan’s population continuing to decline, albeit at a slower pace thanks to a greater inflow of foreigners.
COVID tracker: Tokyo reports 1,663 new cases as uptrend continues
The seven-day average of newly recorded infections in the capital came to 1,420.6, compared to 1,205.1 a week earlier, with numbers also rising nationwide.
Scientists show how climate change affected East Africa’s drought
The deadly combination of high temperatures and low rainfall that affected millions in the Horn of Africa was made about 100 times more likely by …

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Evacuating citizens from war zones differs from country to country
Japan has very different ideas on how to evacuate its nationals from war zones compared to countries like the United States.
‘Tokyo MER: Mobile Emergency Room’: Ryohei Suzuki stands out in formulaic adaptation
The actor gives a blockbuster performance in an entertaining but predictable feature film spin-off of the hit TBS medical drama.
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Arsenal still holds a two-point lead at the top of the table, but City has two games in hand.
Gaudy cartoon cars turn heads in Japan
Perceptions of “itasha,” cars covered in gaudy images of anime and manga characters, have begun to change, with hobby subcultures gaining a new mainstream acceptance …
Why flying is so expensive and likely to remain that way
While airlines expect decent profits now that business and leisure travel has returned, there are myriad reasons why fares remain high.

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