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4.27.23 Full Show Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence, Republican Debt Bill Barely Passes, China’s Xi Pushes Zelensky Negotiations, Kamala’s 2024 Kickoff, Disney Sues DeSantis, Nate Silver Out, Bernie Betrays Movement, Biden’s High Chance of Death

Krystal and Saagar discuss Tucker Carlson breaking his silence on his firing in a new video, the Republican Debt Bill barely passes as crisis looms, China’s Xi pushes Zelensky to negotiate, Ukraine casualties reported as five times higher, Kamala kicks off 2024 with nonsense, a Journalist is caught feeding Biden a question, a shocking poll show Marianne and RFK Jr. rising in the polls, Disney sues DeSantis, Nate Silver leaves FiveThirtyEight as 2010’s Media officially dies, Krystal looks into how Bernie betrayed his movement with Biden endorsement, and Saagar looks into Biden’s insanely high chance of death if re-elected.

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(0:00)Intro (0:14) Tucker Breaks Silence (15:00)Republican Debt Bill Barely Passes As Crisis Looms (24:23)China’s Xi PUSHES Zelensky To. Negotiate (32:44)REVEALED: Ukraine Casualties FIVE TIMES Higher Than Reported (40:20)Kamala Kicks Off 2024 With NONSENSE (47:22)Journo CAUGHT Feeding Biden Question (56:03)SHOCK POLL: RFK, Marianne SURGE Against Biden (01:01:28)EXPALINED: Disney SUES DeSantis (01:12:20)Nate Silver OUT As 2010’s Media DIES (1:20:06)Bernie BETRAYS Movement with Biden Endorsement (1:29:45)Biden’s INSANELY High Chance Of Death If Re-Elected

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