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Tucker Carlson’s shock ouster

April 25, 2023
Hello, Insiders. Matt Turner, editor in chief for business, here. It was a shocking day in TV land, as the CEO of NBCUniversal, Fox News star Tucker Carlson, and CNN anchor Don Lemon all found themselves out of a job within 24 hours. The departure of Carlson, the face of the most-watched show in cable, was especially striking. More on this in today’s big story.


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Musk, Thomas, & Biden

  • President Joe Biden announced that he is running for reelection in 2024. He shared a video on Tuesday morning urging voters to let him “finish the job.” More here.
  • Elon Musk may have shared his alternative account on Twitter. On the account, Musk appears to tweet as his 2-year-old son: “I will finally turn 3.” The full story.
  • Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t recuse himself from a 2004 appeal tied to GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow’s family business, Bloomberg reports. More here.

TV land’s judgment day

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
The shocking exits of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, CNN’s Don Lemon, and NBCU CEO Jeff Shell rocked the TV industry.

Shell: The NBCU chief’s bombshell departure was a surprise to his closest colleagues. He said Sunday afternoon that he was exiting the company after an “inappropriate relationship with a woman in the company.”

Carlson: Fox News announced Monday that Carlson and the cable-news giant “agreed to part ways.” It comes days after Fox settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million.

Lemon: The CNN star posted a screenshot on Twitter Monday saying his agent had informed him that he’d been terminated, though the network later disputed his claim. It comes after a report from Variety alleged that Lemon had a long history of misogynistic behavior toward his female coworkers.

Although each exit has its own reasons, they will certainly not be the last shake-ups at three media companies going through seismic changes.


Millennials, China, & more

Sjoerd van der Wal / Getty Images, Buick; Arif Qazi / Insider


  • China doesn’t want American cars anymore — that’s bad news for Ford and GM. There aren’t currently any Chinese car brands for sale in the US, but some analysts are concerned they could eventually make a play to upend the US market. More on that here.
  • “DONE WITH FOX”: Right-wing pundits, politicians, and influencers raged against Fox News over Tucker Carlson’s departure. Glenn Greenwald, Glenn Beck, and Donald Jr. and Eric Trump were among those to  react to the news. Read the full story.
  • Maybe millennials didn’t get screwed by the economy after all. While they did get off to a rough start to their careers due to the great financial crisis, millennials have now caught up to previous generations in terms of household income, homeownership, and wealth. Read more.
  • “I used AI to create my professional headshots and the results were either great or hilarious.” Insider’s Rebecca Knight tried an AI service which promised studio-quality headshots for $17. All in all, she said she came away with just two usable pictures. Take a look.
  • Melinda French Gates’ former chief of staff says “Do you have any questions?” is the most important interview question to nail. Jeffrey Spector, the cofounder of the unicorn startup Karat, says this is the greatest missed opportunity in the job application process. See how to answer it.
  • A dietitian who follows the Mediterranean diet shared her four go-to lunches. Kirsten Jackson said she sometimes makes vegetable soup in bulk, but other times she grabs a sandwich made with wholegrain bread. Read more.
  • Five flight attendants share their thoughts on the etiquette of asking people to swap seats on a plane. On TikTok, debates about seat switching on airplanes often go hugely viral. Some flight attendants say it’s fine to ask, but no one’s obligated to say yes. More here.

Abandoned mansions

Leisa Tyler/LightRocket/Getty Images
We’re taking you inside India’s 15,000 extravagant, abandoned mansions, which were built by spice and gem tycoons and left to decay — check them out.

Still Standing

For generations, farmers in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir have been selling their crops on the Dal Lake in a floating market. But decades of pollution have threatened their livelihoods.

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