Left and Right

The one political fight that the Right has succesfully pushed for

By Jose Nino

Florida recently became the 26th Constitutional Carry state in the nation.

With people in over half of the country no longer having to beg the government for permission to exercise their God-given right to self-defense, there’s still hope for genuine right-wing reforms.

I’ve written on numerous publications about how Constitutional Carry has been one of the American Right’s biggest success stories in the past 30 years.

It’s not a coincidence either. the Second Amendment community is well-organized and also well-disciplined when it comes to its political activity.

In politics, things don’t happen by chance. It takes planning and coordinated action for either the forces of good or evil to impose their agenda.

That’s why it behooves political observers to study the respective successes and failures of certain political causes.

I’m in the business of showing people practical cases of political success. Save the complaining for other outrage peddlers in this space.

Anywho, I recently dropped an episode of El Nino Speaks where I sat down with gun rights activist Luis Valdez to discuss some of the struggles Second Amendment supporters initially faced when trying to pass permittless carry.

Check it out below:


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José Niño

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