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4/25/23: The Real Reason Tucker Was Fired, Future Of Fox News, Don Lemon Fired Over Interview, Wall Street Freaks Out, Biden’s 2024 Announcement, Top Biden Op Smeared Hunter Laptop Story, New Lab Leak Evidence and Young Voters Rejecting Biden

Krystal and Saagar discuss the real reason Tucker was fired, his future media ventures, the future of Fox News, the reason Don Lemon was fired, Wall Street’s freakout over debt ceiling, Biden’s 2024 announcement, Anthony Blinken caught smearing the Hunter Biden laptop story, new lab leak evidence, young voters rejecting Biden, and how his terrible polling may affect his 2024 chances.

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Timestamps: (0:00): Intro (0:18): The REAL Reasons Fox FIRED Tucker (17:39): Krystal and Saagar DEBATE: Is Fox DEAD Without Tucker? (28:14): RUMBLE, Daily Wire COURT Tucker After Firing (39:23): THIS Video Is Why CNN FIRED Don Lemon (50:58): Wall Street FREAKS Over Debt Ceiling Fight (1:01:46): KRYSTAL AND SAAGAR REACT: Biden 2024 Officially Launches | Breaking Points (1:17:17): Top Biden Op CAUGHT SMEARING Hunter Biden Laptop (1:23:18): CASE CLOSED? New Lab Leak Evidence OVERHWHELMING (1:31:30): Poll: Zoomers RAGE Against Political Elites (1:38:54): Is Biden DOOMED By Low Approval Ratings?

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