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Palo Alto, Fox vs Dominion, a new union boss, and more

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April 21, 2023
“The Palo Alto System, with its unholy alchemy of racism, technology, and capitalism, is nothing if not breathtakingly continuous and consistent,” Jonathan Lethem writes of Malcolm Harris’s latest book of popular history, Palo Alto. “Readers will relish” this book “for its scope and precision, for its pugnaciousness, and for its sardonic amazement at an emperor who couldn’t be strolling down the avenue any nakeder.”

In our latest special issue on spring books, Lethem reflects on Harris’s latest hefty tome, the ugly reign of Herbert Hoover, and the time Lethem and Harris first met at Occupy Wall Street.

The Palo Alto System
Malcolm Harris’s new history of his hometown dispenses with the sentimental lore and examines how it has long been the seedbed for exploitation, chaos, and ecological degradation.
Jonathan Lethem
It Costs $787.5 Million to Lie to the Public. Fox News Can Afford It.
The defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems ended in a settlement yesterday, leaving the cable network’s conduct unchallenged in court.
Chris Lehmann
How Fran Drescher Went From TV Nanny to Union Boss
Drescher was once network TV’s working-class darling—now, as head of SAG-AFTRA, does she have what it takes to marshal the collective power of a deeply divided union?
Piper French
The Long-Feared Eviction Tsunami Is Here
Pandemic-era protections are gone and rental assistance has dried up. Eviction filings increased by nearly 80 percent last year compared to the year before.
Bryce Covert
John Fetterman’s Triumphant Return to the Political Stage
After some difficult months, he is back in the US Senate, and his political instincts are as sharp as ever.
John Nichols
David Aldridge on the End of Dan Snyder
David Aldridge joins the show to talk Washington football team and Dan Snyder
Dave Zirin
Rebecca Solnit on Climate Action, Plus John Nichols on Abortion Politics
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast: why it’s not to late to slow global warming, and how Democrats can win in 2024.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense

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