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4/17/23: DC Debates Leaker Hero Or Traitor, Media Spins Leaks As Russian OP, Desantis Unpopular Abortion Bill, Justice Thomas Hiding Billionaire Real Estate, Pelosi Smears Feinstein Critics, Fox Tries To Settle Trial, GreedFlation, Dave Ramsey’s Debt Couple

Krystal and Saagar discuss the debate in DC on whether the Pentagon leaker is a Hero or a Traitor, the Media spinning the Pentagon leaks as a Russian Op, DeSantis signing an unpopular abortion bill in the dead of night, Trump burying DeSantis with Gross “Pudding Fingers” ad, Justice Clarence Thomas caught hiding billionaire real estate payment, Pelosi smears Feinstein critics asking her to resign as “Sexist”, Fox News desperately trying to settle the Dominion lawsuit before trial, Krystal looks into a big bank economist saying that “Greedflation” could end Capitalism, and Saagar looks into a couple that called into Dave Ramsey’s show with advice on their massive debt that reveals a dire warning for all Americans.

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) DC DEBATE: Is Pentagon Leaker A HERO Or TRAITOR? : (2:09) Media Spins Pentagon Leak As RUSSIAN OP: (15:24) DeSantis Signs Unpopular Abortion Bill In DEAD OF NIGHT: (28:07) Trump BURIES DeSantis With Gross ‘Pudding Fingers’ Ad: (35:50) Clarence Thomas CAUGHT Hiding Billionaire Real Estate Payment: (44:33) Pelosi SMEARS Feinstein Critics as Sexist: (54:14) DESPERATE Fox News Tries to Settle Before Trial: (1:02:09) Big Bank Economist: Greedflation could END Capitalism: (1:11:29) Dave Ramsey Couple’s DIRE Warning For American Debt: (1:19:28) EoS: (1:30:59)

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