Justice Ministry panel backs abolishing Japan’s foreign trainee program

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Justice Ministry panel backs abolishing Japan’s foreign trainee program
The panel said a new system should be established that recognizes the interns as workers helping Japan overcome its labor shortage.
ChatGPT-creator OpenAI plans office and expansion in Japan
CEO Sam Altman said he had a broad discussion with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida about both the advantages and risks of the chatbot technology.
The by-elections that could determine Kishida’s snap election call
The April 23 votes could determine whether the prime minister heads into next month’s G7 summit with clear political skies, or under a cloud with …
Nippon Ishin candidates win big in Kansai region local elections
The opposition party’s Osaka gubernatorial and mayoral candidates rolled to victory, assuring Nippon Ishin that it will remain a force in local and national politics …
U.S. warship sails near Chinese-controlled islet in South China Sea
While the U.S. frequently makes such voyages to challenge China’s territorial claims in the strategic waterway, the latest one took place as Beijing staged war …
Philippines won’t allow U.S. access to military sites for offensive moves
“We will not allow our military bases to be used for any offensive action,” said Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

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Are rising crime rates in Japan cause for alarm?
After tumbling for two decades, the number of criminal offenses in the nation jumped last year. Should we be worried?
Competing with robots is making work worse
As more tasks become automated, we need to stop letting robotic machines set the pace.
Kristina Ganea: With sourdough, ‘the more you fail, the more you learn’
Smell something good wafting from a shop in Tokyo’s Hiroo neighborhood? That’s probably because Kristina Ganea has something delicious in the oven.
What does it take to make a long-term relationship great in Japan?
The advice from most people on long-term cross-cultural relationships? You sometimes need to think more with your head than your heart.
World champion Shoma Uno to miss World Team Trophy
Uno will miss the event because of an injury to his right ankle.
Tokyo’s best ‘melon bread’ is sweeter than meets the eye
A murky history and an inscrutable name can’t keep this baked treat from being one of the best morsels in town.
School closures continue as Japan’s population declines
As Japan’s birthrate drops quicker than expected, more schools in rural areas are closing their doors.
Whales help store carbon. Scientists are trying to figure out just how much.
The giant creatures have a role to play in the fight against warming, and that all comes down to how they can help keep carbon …

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