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Baby who survived for 128 hours under earthquake rubble reunites with mom, who was presumed dead


Spanish TV star becomes mother and grandmother of her deceased son’s child through surrogacy

Losing a child is tragic no matter their age, and many parents would do whatever they could to preserve their child’s memory or fulfill their final wishes. If you ask Spanish TV star, Ana Obregón, that’s exactly what she did when she decided to welcome a grandchild through surrogacy.

The actress’s decision is causing a lot of conversation and backlash for multiple reasons. In Spain, surrogacy is illegal and the sperm of a deceased loved one can only be used to impregnate the widow up to 12 months after the husband’s death, according to CNN. This detail didn’t deter Obregón.

The grandmother used a surrogate and egg donor from the United States, where surrogacy is legal, and Obregón’s grandchild is an American citizen. Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón was born in Miami, Florida March 20, Obregón told Hola! magazine.

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Mom uses Taylor Swift songs to excuse daughter from school for ‘Eras Tour’ and it’s hilarious

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is the talk of the town. From social media to news outlets, everyone is talking about it! The pop sensation will be coming to Houston to perform for a 3-night stint at NRG Stadium. It would be a 3-hour, 44-song-long performance ending at 11.15 pm. By the time the concert-goers will reach back home, it would be well past midnight. So, when a mom and her daughter had the tickets to the Sunday night’s show, the Swiftie mom wrote an absence note for her daughter to excuse her from school the next day, as per Scary Mommy.

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Therapist explains ‘Orchid vs Dandelion Child’ theory and how kids react differently to trauma

Sometimes it really helps to have specific words to describe difficult experiences. Labels have their limitations, of course, but they can help prevent someone from feeling further isolated by a negative circumstance. After all, if there’s a specific phrase, analogy, etc. for what you’re going through or have gone through, then it can’t be all that uncommon. And if there are words to describe it, then there might be words to help navigate through it as well.

This is why hypnotherapist Judy Lee is sharing a term that she learned in grad school, one that changed her life and one she thinks can help others—particularly those who grew up in an abusive or unstable environment.

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Baby who survived for 128 hours under earthquake rubble reunites with mom, who was presumed dead

When rescuers pulled a 2-month-old baby from the rubble of Turkey’s devastating earthquake in February 2023, onlookers cheered and cried. The infant had survived being buried for 128 hours—nearly five days—and was found in remarkably good health. With her parents presumed to be among the 50,000 people killed by the earthquake and with no knowledge of her family, she was taken into the care of medical authorities. They gave her the name Gizem, which means “Mystery” in Turkish.

However, one big mystery has been solved, and it’s one that brings this story to a happier ending. The baby’s mother has been found alive, and the two have been reunited after 54 days of separation.

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Missing camera found and reunited with its owner after 13 years. The pictures are still intact.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve lived through the 90s, you know the soul-crushing disappointment of realizing you’ve lost your camera. You know, the disposable camera that you had to crank the little spinny wheel on so you could snap the next picture. That trip to Disney—gone. Your sister’s bat mitzvah—poof.

It was a frustrating reality for way too many of us, but with the invention of the digital camera, which came with a fancy wrist strap, we could count on our memories being safe. Unless you were going tubing on the river after your friend’s wedding and hoping to snap some cool shots of everyone relaxing. Oh, and unless your name is Coral Amayi.

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