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He wrote the book on crushing ‘wokeism.’ Now he’s running for president.

Vivek Ramaswamy attended elite schools, made a fortune in biotech and skewers climate-concerned capitalism. So why is he eyeing the White House?

Vivek Ramaswamy attends a fundraising event in West Chester Township, Ohio. (Maddie McGarvey for The Washington Post)

CINCINNATI — Ron DeSantis rails against the “woke mob.” Nikki Haley calls wokeness a “virus.”

But for all their use of the W-word, these and other GOP politicians cannot claim to have written the book on attacking it: That distinction goes to a little-known Republican presidential candidate — Vivek Ramaswamy — who is campaigning on a plank of ridding corporate boardrooms of social causes, including the battle against climate change.

A biotech entrepreneur and regular commentator on Fox News, Ramaswamy is ambitious, articulate and a bundle of contradictions. He’s a Donald Trump supporter running against Trump; a product of Ivy League schools who now skewers the liberal elite and a Wall Street rebel with a network that includes venture capitalist Peter Thiel as a friend and investor in his companies.


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