Gen Z’s new slang

March 30, 2023
Hello, Insiders! Matt Turner, editor in chief for business, here with an eye-popping stat to start the day: the most vulnerable US banks have seen around $1 trillion in deposit outflows since the Fed started hiking rates last year, per JPMorgan. Around half of that has moved into the biggest US banks, while the other half has moved into money market funds, with some accounts now offering yields in excess of 5%. Have you moved your money? Let me know:

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

— Matt Turner
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DeSantis, tanks, & more

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to take over Walt Disney World’s governing board may have backfired thanks to a previous obscure agreement. Read the latest.
  • Ukraine’s tank force shouldn’t stand a chance against Russia’s, but dumb mistakes keep tipping the scales. See how the tank fleets compare.
  • An ‘ultramassive’ black hole has been discovered that’s 33 billion times the mass of the sun. More on that here.
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Swanky office boom

Getty; Marianne Ayala/Insider
To battle remote work, companies are moving into fancy offices. That’s good news for employees — and bad news for old buildings.

Office attendance, as we once knew it, has completely changed. Fewer workers are coming in, so companies are cutting back on their physical footprints. They’re also being choosier about the offices they’re leasing – favoring spaces with the wow factor to draw employees in.

Because of this, a massive chunk of America’s office market is facing a doom loop. As rising costs make it harder for staid properties to keep pace with the rising standards of quality, more tenants ditch these mediocre offices, which in turn makes it even harder to pay for upgrades, so more tenants … well, you get the idea.

“For years, office owners have been in an amenities war,” one research director told us. “The competition has reached the point where an owner can complete these upgrades and they might not even be enough to push leasing activity.”


Gen-Z slang, self-driving, & more

 Getty; Marianne Ayala/Insider
  • Elon Musk’s self-driving-car project is on a road to nowhere. For years, Musk has said that Teslas are just a software update away from driving themselves. But some automated driving experts think it won’t happen anytime soon. Read what they’re saying.
  • Gen Zers are using a slew of new slang terms. Keeping up with the ever-growing collection of new terms can be challenging. So we’re breaking down 15 popular terms Gen Z are using in 2023. From “situationship” to “rizz,” check out the list here.
  • A report has identified US cities where houses are cheaper than condos. Many homebuyers remain priced out of the housing market — but a new report has rounded up 20 spots where people can actually find deals. From Detroit to Jersey City, check out the list.
  • Starbuck’s ex-CEO started his congressional testimony with an emotional story about his father. It was used against him. The full story.
  • The latest TikTok travel debate: where to put your carry-on bags on planes. Some say that passengers should only keep their bags near their seats, while others are more flexible. Here’s what they’re saying.
  • Hiring managers are reckoning with Gen Z’s push for work-life balance. There wasn’t a big focus on work-life balance when many of today’s managers started working. But now, Gen Z is asking about it in interviews — and hiring managers are getting frustrated. More here.
  • The internet is freaking out over clips generated by ModelScope, an AI text-to-video generator. Among the videos you’ll see include a nightmarish compilation of “Will Smith eating spaghetti” that has racked up 1.8 million views on Twitter. Here’s why one person called it “fever dream s–t.”

‘Succession’ memes

Courtesy of HBO
“Succession” fans can’t get enough of memes mocking a big bag from the season-four premiere. A $2,900 Burberry bag was called “ludicrously capacious” and “gargantuan” in the latest episode. Fans loved the joke — and the memes don’t disappoint either. Take a look.

How Real Is It?

A military trauma surgeon rates battle wounds in movies and TV.  Dr. Peter Rhee, a trauma surgeon and US Navy veteran, breaks down the historical accuracy of treating gunshot wounds in “Saving Private Ryan,” trauma injuries in “John Wick,” and more. Check it out.

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