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3/30/23: Trump Jury Disbands For 1 Month, Kremlin Detains US Reporter, US Blocks Nordstream Investigaiton, Tucker/Ilhan Blast Tik Tok Bill, Jamie Dimon To Testify in Epstein Case, Credit Suisse Fraud, Elon Loses 20 Billion On Twitter, Blackstone Steals Homes, Assault Weapons Ban, Starbucks Worker on CEO Lies

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Trump Grand Jury disbanding for 1 Month, Republican voters shredding “Weak” Mike Pence, Trump mocks Desantis over Disney battle, a US Wall Street Journal reporter is detained in Kremlin on accusations of “spying”, US blocks a Nordstream investigation by the UN, Zelensky invites China’s Xi to Ukraine, Tucker Carlson and Ilhan Omar both blast the Tik Tok Ban bill in Congress, Jamie Dimon forced to testify in Epstein case, Credit Suisse caught in another Fraud Scam, Elon admits that he lost 20 Billion on the Twitter deal, Krystal looks into Blackstone stealing homes from Working Class Americans, and Saagar looks into why the Assault Weapons Ban won’t work, and we’re joined by Michelle Eisen from Starbucks Workers United to react to CEO Howard Schultz’s lies during his hearing.

Intro: 0:00 Trump Grand Jury Disbands for 1 Month: 2:47 Republican Voters Shred Pence: 12:15 Trump Mocks Desantis on Disney: 22:28 WSJ Reporter Detained by Kremlin: 31:10 US Blocks UN Nordstream Investigation: 37:12 Zelensky Invites China’s Xi to Ukraine: 43:52 Tucker/Ilhan Blast Tik Tok Bill: 50:56 Jamie Dimon Forced to Testify in Epstein Case: 1:03:37 Credit Suisse Caught in Fraud Scam: 1:08:29 Elon Admits Losing 20 Billion on Twitter: 1:13:38 Krystal on Blackstone Stealing Homes: 1:20:56 Saagar on Assault Weapons Ban: 1:29:17 Michelle Eisen Interview- Starbucks Workers United: 1:38:51 EoS: 1:50:04

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