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Canada ‘crypto king’ abducted, tortured over $3M ransom: reports


A self-proclaimed “crypto king” was allegedly kidnapped, reportedly enduring days of torture and assault from attackers demanding a multimillion-dollar ransom.

Aiden Pleterski, 23, of Ontario, Canada, was “taken” from Toronto in December and held hostage by kidnappers demanding at least $3 million, his father and associates said, CTV News Toronto reported.

Details of the abduction were revealed in court papers related to a bankruptcy proceeding involving millions of dollars Pleterski allegedly spent living lavishly instead of investing.

“They basically held him for approximately three days, drove him around different, various parts of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, allowed him to make specific phone calls to specific people only. I was not one of those people that he was allowed to contact,” his father, who was not identified, said in December.


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