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Taking page from Ukraine, Taiwan shows off new killer drones

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Tokyo to get major new office spaces this year, but is there demand?
Massive redevelopment projects in central areas are opening at a time when the vacancy rate is already indicating oversupply.
Upper House committee votes to expel GaaSyy from Japan’s parliament
The decision, made unanimously among ruling and opposition lawmakers, will almost certainly be finalized during an Upper House plenary session on Wednesday.
U.S. and U.K. announce nuclear-powered submarine plan for Australia
The multistage project will eventually see British and Australian production and operation of a new “trilaterally developed” submarine class that will include “cutting-edge” U.S. technology.
Japan OKs bill to reform sexual offense charge and raise age of consent
Among other things, the bill will make upskirting and producing images of genitalia without consent crimes punishable under the Penal Code.
Tokyo sees another record early start to cherry blossom season
Cherry blossoms in the capital started blooming 10 days earlier than average, tying 2020 and 2021 for the earliest date since 1953, when data first …
Companies in Japan to be required to accommodate the disabled from next year
Japan will legally oblige companies to provide necessary services and infrastructure to assist people with disabilities from April 2024.

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Japanese fans earn share of spotlight at World Baseball Classic
Crowds in attendance at Tokyo Dome’s Pool B have been praised both for their enthusiasm and their attitude.
SVB clients get a painful lesson: Bank failures are common
Such a long time without news of a bank collapse such as SVB seems to have lulled depositors into a false sense of security.
The guilt of fatherhood helped shape Kenzaburo Oe’s literary vision
The award-winning writer attempted to give his disabled son a voice through fiction.
Czech pitcher who struck out Shohei Ohtani cherishes memories, souvenirs
The 26-year-old got the Samurai Japan star to ground out in the first inning and struck him out in the third — probably becoming the …
Low alcohol tolerance increases chance of hard-to-cure stomach cancer in East Asians
A Japanese study has found that certain genomic abnormalities specifically related to alcohol consumption are linked to the onset of “diffuse-type” stomach cancer.
Heartbeat may shape our perception of time, study shows
After an era of research focusing on the brain, the study provides further proof that no single organ registers the pace of time for humans.
Taking page from Ukraine, Taiwan shows off new killer drones
Taipei’s top research institute unveiled the single-use attack drones as the self-ruled island focuses on asymmetric capabilities to defend against the much larger Chinese military.

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