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  1. What about the usual 5-yeat limitations period (“statute of limitations”) for most felonies, Federal and New York State? It has been 6.5 years, I believe.

  2. Yes,,,, for every Democrat,,, However, not Republicans,,, especially Pres. Trump,,, not only HIS situation! Look at the False arrests of the Jan.6 situation,,,, Our country is no longer a Free 2 Party system, it is now a Globalist – Socialist -One-World No Borders World,,,, thanks to Obama/Soros/Hillary retaliation for voting Pres. Trump into HER WH office! She will never forgive nor forget! ‘n Soros is just happy to see his dream come true, “I live only to see the destruction of the United States”,, , his quote!,,,, please, God, hear our prayers,,,

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