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South Korea announces plan to resolve wartime labor dispute with Japan

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South Korea announces plan to resolve wartime labor dispute with Japan
Funds for compensating wartime laborers would be raised by “voluntary” private sector donations to a South Korean foundation, with Japanese firms possibly among those that …
Osaka’s exclusion of Dentsu and Hakuhodo expected to impact 2025 Expo
The two companies have been excluded from the event following their indictment over Tokyo Games bid-rigging, but not many ad firms in Japan boast their …
Japan’s main opposition CDP submits bill for same-sex marriage
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan’s bill proposes amending wording in the country’s Civil Code that has been written on the premise that marriage involves …
Upcoming April by-elections likely litmus test for Kishida’s leadership
The elections are likely to be a test of whether the prime minister can run the government stably, a year and a half after taking …
Is biodegradable better? Making sense of ‘compostable’ plastics.
Some fear these “magical” solutions could lead to further environmental havoc and even encourage more wasteful consumption.
Taiwan warns of possibility of Chinese military’s ‘sudden entry’ nearby
China has stepped up its military activities around Taiwan in recent years, including almost daily air force incursions into the island’s air defense identification zone.

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South Korea is exporting billions in arms, just not to Ukraine
Traditional weapons suppliers like the US have faced production shortages in the war effort, and South Korea has stepped in to fill the gap in …
Be very wary of the slippery slope of occupation
To condemn Russian colonialism properly, one must be consistent and also condemn other examples, not least Israel’s subjugation of Palestinians in the occupied territories.
Can urban farming play a key role in food security?
From small orchards to high-tech vertical farming, producing food in Japan’s urban areas could help address key social and environmental issues.
Round 2 at your teaching job: New confidence, new opportunities
We’re coming up on a new school year. Aim to improve your language skills and travel the country more with your newfound confidence.
Japan players to watch besides Shohei Ohtani during 2023 WBC
There will be plenty of attention on the superstar players of the Samurai Japan roster during the World Baseball Classic. Everyone knows what players like …
China’s chip sector needs more than state money to dull impact of U.S. restrictions
Beijing has earmarked $140 billion for domestic chipmaking development in response to U.S. export restrictions, but money alone is not enough to catch Western rivals.
Nuclear power revival reaches Japan, home of the last meltdown
Faced with rising heating bills this winter after a sweltering summer spent worrying about blackouts, more people are now reappraising the benefits of cheaper and …
Firms facing greater ethical scrutiny, but what are the costs for lapses?
The range of ethical transgressions that businesses make are varied — as are the levels of scrutiny and resulting costs they experience.

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