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“Israel’s Other Occupation”: “King Bibi” and His Willing American Accomplices

How America’s Jewish oligarchs helped Netanyahu end accountability and democracy in Israel

Hero Yair & Lihi Lapid at Tel Aviv rally.

In our recent pieces on Likud asset-turned-venture capitalist Keith Rabois we didn’t do him total justice. Perhaps there can be no real justice until the Department of Justice helps us clean out the compromised tech companies and their VCs — or at least turns them to useful ends.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath either.

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Still there are many Likud activists and assets throughout American life whose sole job is to defend “King Bibi” in the American discourse. I’ve elsewhere seen this group called the Hasbara brigade.

Many of these ethnic Jews have substituted Israel for a robust commitment to their own Jewishness — and Bibi Netanyahu has played them expertly.

Some of these types did so because they are fifth columnists. Others did it out of greed or misplaced loyalty or some combination. But all perpetuate what I’ve called Israel’s Other Occupation, or, if you prefer, Israel’s rule by oligarchs for oligarchs at the expense of ordinary Israelis. It, too, has real costs.


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