Why Japan couldn’t send its foreign minister to a key G20 meeting

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Why Japan couldn’t send its foreign minister to a key G20 meeting
Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi’s absence from a Group of 20 foreign ministers meeting has become a matter of controversy.
Kishida urges extra inflation-relief steps as Japan’s households struggle
The news comes as households grapple with intensifying cost-of-living pressures amid elevated inflation for items such as energy and food, hitting consumption and smaller businesses.
Japan’s Cabinet backs use of GPS trackers for defendants on bail
The legal amendments only apply to defendants who authorities fear may flee abroad, with the move influenced by the escape of former Nissan chairman Carlos …
BOJ watchers see higher chance of June shift after Kazuo Ueda hearings
Some 41% of BOJ watchers expect a tightening step to take place in June according to a recent survey.
‘Quad’ ministers vow to address challenges in South and East China seas
The members of “the Quad” vowed to support the “peaceful settlement of disputes” in the Indo-Pacific region and oppose “any unilateral attempt to change the …
The model for Asia’s ‘Quad’: The Beatles, says Japan’s top diplomat
As Asia’s “Quad” powers search for ways to define the group, Japan’s foreign minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, has offered a model — The Beatles.

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By often producing more than five times as many highly cited research papers as its closest competitor, China has the foundations to position itself as …
Sustaining the expansion of strategic relations between India and Southeast Asia
New Delhi continues to present itself as an increasingly vital partner for Southeast Asia amid the polarizing implications of the ongoing power struggle between the …
Japanese mottos: Where there’s a will, there’s a zayū no Mei
Japanese business culture in particular is partial to the idea of a person being able to sum themselves up with a catchy — and insightful …
‘Wholesome’ South Korean reality TV proves a hit worldwide
South Korean reality shows such as “Physical: 100” and “Singles Inferno” are shaping up to be the next big thing to woo audiences overseas.
Dave Nilsson pushing Team Australia hard ahead of World Baseball Classic
Australia will face South Korea in his first game at the World Baseball Classic.
Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science religious group, dies at 66
Happy Science, a new age movement which incorporates elements from various religions, has over 700 branches and temples in 166 countries around the world.
Philippine leader’s embrace of U.S. troops near Taiwan revives old grievances
In some communities, stories about mistreatment by visiting U.S. troops in the past still resonate.
South Korean film ‘Hommage’ looks to lost names and memories
In her latest movie, director Shin Su-won illuminates the struggles women behind the camera have faced in her country’s film industry.

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