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With child care policy still in the works, Kishida aims to alter parenting perceptions

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With child care policy still in the works, Kishida aims to alter parenting perceptions
The government is focused on casting child-rearing in a more positive light amid the lingering perception that the barriers to having children are just too …
Lower House approves record ¥114 trillion budget for fiscal 2023
The budget includes ¥6.82 trillion in defense spending to bolster the nation’s defenses against threats posed by China, North Korea and Russia.
Japan health ministry panel endorses nasal flu vaccine for children
Based on the results of a clinical trial involving children in Japan, the panel agreed that FluMist Quadrivalent is safe and effective in preventing the …
Dentsu and five other firms indicted over Olympics bid-rigging
The indictment marks the latest development in months of investigations into alleged corruption in the planning and sponsorship of the Tokyo Games.
28-year-old woman picked to be astronaut by Japan’s space agency
Ayu Yoneda — the youngest candidate to be chosen by the agency — and Makoto Suwa, 46, were selected from over 4,000 applicants, the Japan …
Cow manure fuels French tractors
Methane has a much greater climate-warming power than carbon dioxide, and accounts for a huge share of the climate impact from livestock farming.

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Nippon Ham’s plant-based seafood is first for major Japanese food manufacturer
Amid growing demand for marine resources, the company has developed a fried fish product resembling whitefish and a popcorn shrimp product mimicking real shrimp.
China’s old playbook is back. That’s bad news.
A nod to projects fueled by debt at the expense of industrial technology may not end well for China.
Celebrated chef Natsuko Shoji’s vie en rose
Fresh from the achievement of being named Asia’s best female chef last year, Natsuko Shoji wows diners with an adventure into the world of Dom …
J. League rediscovering fervor upon fans’ full-scale return
Total annual attendance topped 11 million in 2019 across all competitions, and the league is trying to once again cross that threshold.
Kyushu unprepared to accept evacuees from remote islands under armed attack
Residents on remote islands are questioning the effectiveness of evacuation drills when their potential destinations have not yet started discussing the issue.
Japan’s Indigenous peoples fight stigma to reclaim identities
Many people feel Japan’s government has not done enough to support the Ainu and Ryukyu groups.
Kanazawa sets an example for badly needed biodiversity policy in Japan
Japan’s cities may be typically clad in concrete, but there is one reliable source of verdant life: shrines and temples.

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