Is Nikki Haley Now Israel’s Candidate for the White House?

Though it has been argued that the so-called American dream is long dead, Nikki Haley is proof that the dream is still alive. Unfortunately, the “dream” is hers alone.

Until recently, a close confidante of former U.S. President Donald Trump and his pro-Israel circle, Haley wants to be the next president. On February 14, she officially declared her candidacy and, starting February next year, she will be officially competing against her former bosses in the Republican primaries.

It is true that her popularity among Republican Party supporters hovers between 3-4 percent, but Haley still feels that she stands to win, if she plays her cards right. Though a victory in a party that is neither keen on women nor minority politicians, she has enough success stories to give her the needed confidence.

“Even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America,” Haley said in her campaign launch video. Though such a statement may appear somewhat typical by U.S. politicians on such occasions, Haley’s statement carries hidden, if not troubling, insinuations.


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