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2/27/23: US Gov Admits Lab Leak Origin, 45,000 Animals Dead in Ohio, Jeb Endorses Desantis, Inflation Spikes as Recession Looms, Woody Harrelson’s SNL Big Pharma Joke, Joy Behar Scolds Ohio Voters, Single Male Epidemic, Inside Unhinged Sydney ChatBot

Krystal and Saagar discuss the US Government admitting the likely origins of COVID are from a Lab Leak, nearly 45k animals dead in Ohio, Buttigieg arrives in East Palestine, Jeb endorses Desantis, Biden denies responsibility for classified documents, inflation spikes as recession looms, the Media attacks Woody Harrelson for making a Big Pharma joke on SNL, Krystal looks at Joy Behar scolding Ohioans on The View for voting for Trump as the reason for the trail derailment, Saagar looks at the crisis of Single Young Men, and guest Kevin Roose from the NYtimes talks to us about his unhinged experience with the Chatbot known as Sydney.

Timestamps: SOS: (0:00) Lab Leak: (1:53) 45k Ohio Animals Dead: (18:35) Buttigieg in East Palestine: (28:23) Jeb Endorses Desantis: (36:25) Biden Classified Docs: (47:38) Inflation: (53:52) Woody SNL: (59:39) Krystal: (1:05:32) Saagar: (1:14:40) Kevin Roose Sydney Chatbot: (1:24:17) EoS: (1:36:17)

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