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A Brief Overview and Principles of Conservative Socialism

I was recently doing some long overdue editing to some of my older articles from late 2021 and one of those articles was “What is Conservative Socialism?”  In that article I gave my own personal definition of what I mean by Conservative Socialism. While I still agree largely with those basic ideas, I laid out in the post but then I realize that I needed to acknowledge that the conservative socialist tradition is far bigger than me and this blog.

 In fact, there a whole range of thinkers and groups that could be consider a part of the conservative socialist tradition. Ranging from thinkers like American intellectual Christopher Lasch, to French historian Georges Sorel to Chinese intellectuals like Gan Yang to movements like the American Populist Party to the German Conservative Revolution to the Eurasianist of Russia to the Sandinista in Nicaragua.  Not to mention the sibling and cousin ideologies like Paternalistic Conservatism, Distributism, American Southern Agrarianism, and National Bolshevism.

If it’s not clear already Conservative Socialism is a very big tent ideology, and I haven’t even gone other every group or thinker that could fit into this category. You can even find such thinkers in almost every major ideology and many of them do not even consider themselves to be conservative socialists. Despite this and the dogmatism of American politics there is a clear tradition of social conservatism and socialism colliding to form a conservative socialist ideal and movement. Any basic research of the people and groups listed above shows this. While there are some differences between them there is some underlining principles that all of them have. Which this article will go over.

What Caused This Merger?


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