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Kishida faces mounting pressure to visit Kyiv as only G7 leader yet to do so

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Kishida faces mounting pressure to visit Kyiv as only G7 leader yet to do so
Although Friday’s one-year anniversary of the start of the war has raised questions over a possible trip to Kyiv in the coming days or weeks, …
Investors watch Japan’s spring wage talks for clues on BOJ moves
This year, the outcome of annual wage negotiations matters to bond investors, stock traders and anyone, really, with anything at stake in the country.
Shionogi says its drug Xocova may reduce risks of long COVID symptoms
For 14 major symptoms of COVID-19, 14.5% of those given Xocova reported at least one of the symptoms six months after the start of treatment, …
Tokyo police arrest suspects in murder linked to ‘Luffy’ robbery cases
Police believe the murder was part of a string of robberies across Japan that is believed to have been coordinated by four men who were …
Japan accepted over 2,300 Ukrainians last year. Is its refugee policy finally changing?
Many were surprised with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s decision to accept Ukrainians into the country given Tokyo has long held a strict definition of who …
Japan, South Korea and U.S. stage rare joint naval drill after North Korean launches
Wednesday’s joint exercises, which focused on ballistic missile information-sharing, were seen as highlighting unity among the three countries — despite Tokyo’s frosty ties with Seoul.

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Japan to start new round of COVID-19 vaccination from May for elderly
The new inoculation drive comes despite the government’s decision to downgrade the legal status of COVID-19 to the same category as common infectious diseases like …
Clean-energy goals and technological optimism
Speeding up the adoption of already proven and scalable technologies and exposing the many hidden costs associated with fossil fuels is a necessary clean-energy goal.
Sumo’s changed landscape reflected in 2023 depth chart
If all 600 or so active rikishi, and those projected to join in the near future, were available to be chosen by stables, which men …
Retirees take to the streets in China to protest health insurance cuts
Recent cuts in health insurance have angered older residents in Wuhan and Dalian, sparking large demonstrations.
Unpacking Japan’s great wage conundrum
With inflation running at a four-decade high, the world’s third-largest economy’s famously stagnant salaries are finally showing signs of rising. Can the momentum be sustained?
As food crisis looms, some wonder, ‘What’s it like to eat insects?’
A vending machine that offers edible insects was recently set up in Sendai, and the bugs are selling well, but it is also true that …

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