Both East & West Are Interested in WW3 or an Eternal Penumbra of Doomsday

Alex Thomson: Both East & West Are Interested in WW3 or an Eternal Penumbra of Doomsday

Former GCHQ Officer Alex Thomson discusses the Anglo-American establishment’s fixation on Ukraine as the underbelly of the World Island and how it is not in the interest now of either the West or the Russians to de-escalate. The logic of the expansionist system on both sides is that they’re more interested in a Third World War or an eternal penumbra of Doomsday as opposed to the return of a Westphalian order. There is not a better world solution coming from Russia or China where there also exists world domination-minded elements. Very few national leaders remain who are willing and able to oppose globalism, there is an inevitable trend toward world government. He’s optimistic about being able to survive the Algorithm Ghetto via parallel structures and also comments on prophecy, information operations, and antisemitic trolls.

ANALYSIS: Are Sino-Iranian Relations Beginning to Deteriorate?

Iran will have to recognize that geopolitics is a cold-blooded enterprise where there are no permanent friendships, but rather permanent intrigues motivated by national interests. It has largely picked up on this reality as evidenced by its recent decision to strengthen ties with Russia. Such juggling acts will become fixtures of the new multipolar order that’s taking root on the international stage.

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