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Google Pioneered Stratospheric Loon Balloons. Was China Watching?

How to Pick the Right MacBook for You

Julian Chokkattu and Brenda Stolyar

Apple’s laptops are expensive, and you’ll have to make some hard choices to pick the right one. Let us help.


Rovers Are So Yesterday. It’s Time to Send a Snakebot to Space

Meghan Herbst

The student winners of a NASA competition designed a serpentine bot that could sidewind across lunar regolith or roll down hills.


Chatbots Got Big—and Their Ethical Red Flags Got Bigger

Khari Johnson

Researchers have spent years warning that text-generation algorithms can spew bias and falsehoods. Tech giants are rushing them into products anyway.


Google Pioneered Stratospheric Loon Balloons. Was China Watching?

Steven Levy

The search company helped revolutionize balloon technology to beam internet access to global blank spots. Now, China seems to have lofted a similar project.


It’s Always Sunny Inside a Generative AI Conference

Lauren Goode

AI-powered chatbots will only make us more efficient, according to the companies selling said AI-powered chatbots.


Real Humans Chat About Chatbots


This week, we discuss all the ways generative AI is upending journalism, marketing, shopping, and search.





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