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People are fleeing Florida

February 21, 2023
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In today’s edition: Florida’s Great Displacement, comparisons between George Santos and a 19th-century huckster, and leaked audio from a Nike all-hands. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.

Putin, missing person, & more

  • Pro-Putin pundits are furious that Biden made a surprise trip to Kyiv, calling it a “humiliation” for Russia. More here.
  • A nearly 50-year-old missing-person case was solved after remains were found in a sunken car. Read the full story.
  • China’s aging J-7 fighter jets may be converted into combat drones for a one-way mission against Taiwan. Find out more.

Florida’s exodus

Getty; Marianne Ayala/Insider
The thousand-odd islands that make up the Florida Keys are one of a kind. The islands have a special, addictive quality.

But over the past few years, the residents of these islands have been forced to confront a phenomenon that will affect millions of Americans before the end of the century: Nature is changing, and today’s hurricanes tend to be stronger, wetter, and less predictable than before.

Hurricane Irma, which slammed the Keys in September 2017, may not have destroyed the Keys in one stroke — but the storm ran down the clock on life on the islands. Hundreds of people have felt forced to leave, particularly as affordable housing options are affected by unpredictable weather.

The Keys’ present calamity offers a glimpse of Americans’ national future.



Santos, leaked Nike audio, & more

Arif Qazi/Insider;


  • George Santos’ elaborate lies have seen the congressman compared to a 19th-century huckster. That’s not entirely off base — lots of scammers faked a résumé, dressed nice to deflect inspection, and claimed great feats. More on that here.
  • Leaked audio: The Nike tech team meets after a top exec’s sudden departure. Ratnakar Lavu, Nike’s top technology executive, has resigned, effective immediately. Insider listened to a recording of the meeting announcing the move. More from the leaked audio here.
  • SpaceX offers a Starlink global roaming service for an $800 up-front cost. The company unveiled its new service in an email to customers. It costs $200 a month with a one-time $600 fee for the Starlink kit. More here.
  • “I’m a millennial who manages Gen Z workers.” Gen Zers are hitting the workplace, and some millennial bosses are finding them mystifying. One manager told Insider the hardest thing about them had been dealing with all their “feelings about work.” Find out more.
  • A 63-year-old doctor who says he’s biologically 43 starts his morning with a smoothie. Dr. Mark Hyman says he’s shaved 20 years off of his biological age thanks to his healthy morning routine, including a protein-packed smoothie. Get the recipe here.
  • An alligator was pulled from a lake in Brooklyn. The 4-foot-long gator was spotted floating in Prospect Park Lake on Sunday in the New York City borough and may have been an unwanted pet, officials said. Read the full story.
  • 10 surprising things about backpacking in Europe. Our reporter spent two weeks backpacking through Europe while sleeping in trains and budget Airbnbs. She said it wasn’t quite the glamorous, romantic adventure that it looks like on Instagram. Find out more.



Visit Antarctica

Emli Bendixen for Insider
This former Emirates Airbus A340 flies passengers to Antarctica by landing on a runway made of ice. If you’d like to visit Antarctica but don’t fancy sailing through the treacherous Drake Passage, the tour company White Desert has you covered. Check out the private jet it uses to shuttle people to its Antarctic camps.

US vs. India Taco Bell

This is Food Wars. From calorie count to portion sizes, Insider looked at all the differences between Taco Bell in the US and India. Watch the video here.

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