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In Biden’s unannounced visit to Kyiv, a preview of an increasingly direct contest with Putin

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In Biden’s unannounced visit to Kyiv, a preview of an increasingly direct contest with Putin
The vastly different world views of U.S. President Biden and President Vladimir Putin of Russia will become vividly apparent in a rare split-screen moment on …
Anti-harassment website set up to help women running for office in Japan
A group of volunteers has created the website to offer free consultations on how to deal with harassment to female candidates in April’s local elections.
Government to screen Japanese-language schools to ensure quality
New legislation will also require instructors at certified schools to obtain a new national qualification for teaching Japanese.
COVID hasn’t taught the world how to beat the next deadly virus
Elimination measures were once the gold standard for dealing with deadly new viruses. But China’s extreme “zero-COVID” policy and its abrupt reversal has cast doubts …
Why the world needs a deal to protect its oceans
The ocean supports a huge range of biodiversity, including potentially millions of species that humans have not discovered yet.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports 1,451 new cases
The seven-day average of new cases came to 1,240.4, compared with 1,757.1 a week earlier.

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Retirees take to the streets in China to protest health insurance cuts
Recent cuts in health insurance have angered older residents in Wuhan and Dalian, sparking large demonstrations.
Ukraine’s future is not in NATO
Ukraine won’t become a party to the NATO treaty, but it can expect a close and continuing partnership with Europe and the U.S.
Three WBC-bound Japan outfielders enter MLB spring training
Masataka Yoshida, Seiya Suzuki and Lars Nootbaar all took the field with their respective clubs as they prepare to join Samurai Japan in early March.
Tokyo zoo bids farewell to giant panda Xiang Xiang
Accompanied by two zoo employees keeping a close eye on her, Xiang Xiang was taken from the zoo by truck to Narita Airport on Tuesday …
Leiji Matsumoto, famed for ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ anime, dies at 85
The manga artist, also known for the series “Galaxy Express 999,” died of acute heart failure at a Tokyo hospital on Feb. 13, his company …
As food crisis looms, some wonder, ‘What’s it like to eat insects?’
A vending machine that offers edible insects was recently set up in Sendai, and the bugs are selling well, but it is also true that …

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