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Open Borders Advocates Purposely Distort the Numbers

I used to be of the opinion that “open borders” was the default position when it came to immigration. I no longer believe that is the proper stance, and I don’t care what arguments one would present to me. Screw you; the time for debate is over. The culture that built America is on life support, and importing people from ANYWHERE to further distort that culture is suicide. I consider it incredible that people who want to see more liberty in their lifetimes want to import more people who don’t desire the same liberty, especially when the native population is filled with people who want to be ruled by the monsters in Washington, DC.

With that being said, when the subject of border control comes up in the media, studies by the Libertarian CATO Institute are the default data for those advocating that immigrants radically improve our economy (of course they mention nothing of culture). But, as Bruce Majors at “The Insurrection” (go check out his Substack) points out, the immigration “experts” at the Koch-funded CATO Institute leave out pertinent numbers that would GREATLY add to the cost of “open immigration.”

Majors highlights two main factors that CATO conveniently leaves out:

Public school budgets are not considered “welfare” by CATO and are not accounted for. But many low skilled, low income immigrants who come to the US bring children with them or quickly have children here, and can only work if they utilize public schools as day care. Every child they put in the school costs American taxpayers $15,000 annually, on average, and more like $30,000 in some urban areas. 26% of US public school children are immigrants or children of immigrants.

CATO doesn’t consider government school education to be relevant, even though this number seems unbelievable: 26% of US public school children are immigrants or children of immigrants. There are roughly 50 million students in American public schools. A quarter of that number is 12.5 million students. Using the low number of 15K per student, that comes to a total of $187,000,000,000 a year for immigrants or the children of immigrants. That number should be added to any study on immigration costs that CATO does. But that’s not where it ends:



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