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Manifesting a War Where No One Wins

It wasn’t talked about much, but several weeks before the now infamous (and incredibly meme worthy) Chinese spy balloon grabbed the nation’s attention, a four star general in the Air Force released a memo stating that by their prediction, the U.S. will be engaged in a war with China by 2025.

Don’t you think it’s ironic that as soon as we’re out of one twenty year conflict, now our government is immediately looking for the next one?

DOD has stated that the memo is not a reflection of their opinion, but is it really?

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The memo focuses on Air Force capability regarding China’s potential invasion of Taiwan. This has been something that many in the GOP and Democratic party have talked about, but no one ever really says what they mean.

Do we want to have an armed confrontation with perhaps the new global superpower? Are we just going to toss them jets and tanks and anti-tank missiles to Taiwan and say “we’re not really involved?”

The United States always wants to have it’s cake and eat it too. We’re a country that does things and never takes accountability for our own actions. Clinton, Bush, Obama, just a rinse cycle repeat of the worst tendencies of those who have more power than they know they can handle.

Now we have Biden, listening to people who all have some type of vested interest in seeing a weakened and defeated China so they can run in and profit from the misery of others.


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